About Feudal Wars

Feudal Wars is a game of midieval military strategy. Play as one of the great kingdoms from the Middle Ages, including: France, England, Castile, The Holy Roman Empire, The Teutonic Order and Venice. Each kingdom has its own unique knight unit and its own unique bonuses. For example, English knights do bonus damage vs. buildings and their longbow do bonus damage against everything.

Feudal Wars is a multiplayer free-for-all game. Four players start out on opposite sides of the map. Whichever player captures all the castles, wins!

You can play public ranked games by clicking the “find game” button. You can also play private games by yourself (vs. AI) or with friends. To play with friends, copy + paste the game room URL you will see after the map selection screen which appears after you click “private match.”

How to Play Feudal Wars

Start out with a small army of knights and a castle (which shoots arrows). Knights automatically spawn from your castle – use your knights to capture more castles and spawn more knights.

You also earn gold, a small amount for each castle over time, and a small amount for each enemy unit you kill.

Use your gold to purchase buildings: walls, barracks, archery ranges, stables, watch towers and more castles. Archery ranges, for example, spawn archer units, which are good against infantry. Stables spawn cavalry, which are good against archers.




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